Salon business is completely client-centric and depends upon their preferability. So, the result to be in our favour needs a lot of hard work and standout performance in terms of management. Managing the salon’s functionality is not that easy. Using the old school manner of maintaining the register and doing data entry on an excel sheet had too many cons. 

So, what’s the solution for it? Salon cloud software is the answer for it. But then there is numerous salon software so how to choose the best? There are some mandatory features that your app should have to make your management easy. So, if you are looking for those mandatory features that should be in your app then you are on the right page. In this write-up, we will discuss the feature that a salon app must have to make management smooth.

5 Must-have features for salon app to boost salon booking online:-

1.     Online Availability Check:-Your app must be proficient enough to have a feature that makes all the dates and status available and slots open for bookings. This will help your customers to know about the available dates and they can book their appointments accordingly. They won’t be wasting their time coming to the parlour and asked to come the next day. Your salon appointment software will help them to cut the stress. 

  1. Contactless payment-

Of course, the pandemic has alarmed us so much that we are now on lifetime precautions. So, there should be a feature that allows customers to practice contactless payments. This will be convenient and will allow you to get on-time payment from those customers who often have an excuse of “no cash… can I pay later please”.

3.     Notification and message tracker and automated pop-ups-

The best way to increase the retention of your salon customers is to give them alluring offers. But calling everyone and sending the message from copying the numbers from an excel sheet can be confusing and difficult to target large people. Apps like PoSBook allows you to register all the numbers of your customer and send offers and notifications automatically altogether. So, make sure that the app you choose should have this feature in it.

4.     Staff profile visibility-

The app should have all the details of the staff and it should be visible to the customers. This will enable your customers to choose the staff according to the service they need. They can also schedule their appointment according to the availability of the staff they want service from.

5.     Discounts and Price availability at front-

The app should sort all the queries of the clients. Once your clients open the app, they should have everything. They should get updated discounts offers and price cards for the services. This saves the time that often laps in bargaining. 

These are 5 qualities that apps should have for salon management especially. There are apps like PoSBook that are just the solution for all the salon management problems. They provide you with trustworthy features like limited access to the customers’ details. Similarly, there are numerous features in the PoSBook app that can help your salon to grow. This is the reason that it is the best salon and spa software in India.

So, these applications are there to help your salon work smoothly. This software has to be chosen very wisely. These apps are a one-time investment. So, think before you choose.