Salon business is all about buzzing around clients and their hospitality with the services of course. Definitely branding and on-air promotions are backbone strip that helps your salon to grow but then the most effective way to nurture your salon business is mouth to mouth promotion. the best way to execute this is by planning a strong referral strategy. 

A salon or spa has a huge opportunity to turn every single customer into an enthusiastic, evangelistic referral machine. And that’s the reason behind the discussion about how to grow your customer referrals. Referral strategies need to have good planning and execution. If you don’t have one, this write-up is for you. Here we discuss how to grow customer referrals for your Spa and Salon.

These 4 ways will educate you to make your referral game strong than ever before:-

1.     Check and recycle the referral strategies- 

Train your reception to make it a habit and inquire about the source where they got to know about the salon. This will help you to realize if the marketing did was in the right direction or not. If the strategy is working you can always use the same for time with some rectification.

  1. Identify customers who will refer your salon-

There is a certain set of customers that are loyal and have a good network of people. You can approach them to refer your salon. You can give them referral bonuses or offers that they can’t say no to. They will do the best mouth to mouth promotion with the least investment. These customers are much more reliable for those who are in their contact and want to choose a salon. 

3.      Create a referral incentive program that works-

Giving referral benefits to only the one who refers will not work that way. A two-way strategy will benefit more. When you offer discounts and bonuses to the ones whom your customers have referred, will work in a much better way. It increases the customers of course but also enhances the credibility of the customers who referred you. When both will be benefited the promotion will go on to a completely different level.   

4.     Use salon management software to manage your referral strategies-

You can use salon management software to manage your referral program. You can track the performance of your referral program. You can easily keep track of the benefit is being fairly distributed amongst the customers or not. 

The right strategies can make the difference in growing customer referrals for your salon or spa. If you are looking for best salon and spa software, PoSBook is the best choice. This is the software that can solve all your salon management related issues with a click of your fingers.

We all know that word of mouth is the best marketing tool available to any company, especially one in the service-based industry like a salon or spa. By constantly keeping our clients happy, we create a strong foundation upon which a positive and productive referral program can flourish. All it takes is a little effort to build a solid world around your business, starting with your reputation.