Having a salon is only the beginning of your journey. Maintaining increased growth and sales requires a significant amount of effort. There are numerous limits, ranging from scheduling appointments, sending confirmations, offering discounts, ordering supplies, and business or salon promotions.

To attract more consumers, you must successfully market your salon. It is critical in every organization to interact with clients and understand their preferences, among other things. These things make it difficult for a salon owner to focus on other crucial business areas.

Although traditional marketing methods are always compelling, digitization has changed people’s perceptions. We all desire high-quality service with minimal fuss. As a result, a greater emphasis on current marketing becomes necessary.

On autopilot, marketing automation allows you to target and personalize every connection with your customers. Here are five crucial computerized marketing strategies or salon management software’s for salons, spas, and facilities that hair and beauty organizations employ to improve their bottom line and deliver a better customer experience.

Appointment Reminders

Salons, spas, and clinics rely on appointment reminders since they significantly decrease no-shows. Clients appreciate reminders, and you’ll appreciate fewer no-shows because customers get busy and often forget appointments that were arranged weeks before. Check if your software allows you to send timely reminders to your clients through SMS or email before their appointment.

Birthday Greetings

We all enjoy receiving gifts on our birthdays. Send a birthday SMS or email with a present, such as a service discount code good for 30 days. This can bring them back to your salon, spa, or center and make customers feel valued on their special day. It will also assist in developing loyal customers who will return time after time.

To set up automatic birthday messages for your customers, you’ll need to gather their birth dates and enter them into your program. This might be part of your new client consultation process. You can also allow your clients to enter their information into their Client Card differently.

Follow-Up On Appointments

Following up with your clients shortly after an appointment is always a good strategy. Whether it is a simple thank-you note, feedback or review request, rebook reminder or upselling items or services connected to their visit, there’s something for everyone.

If you have a reward program, ensure your software informs your customers about how many points they possess and what they can do with them. You can also specify the time frame for your messages to be followed up on. Whether you wish to send the message the next day or a week later, your program should simplify it. 

Thank You Messages For Client Referrals

It’s challenging to recall thanking someone for referring your business. So having an electronic and personalized thank you letter for referrals is a terrific way to show your clients how much you care. And they could bring you more business!

See if your application lets you thank clients who routinely refer you to a new client. You can either give them something or say thank you.

Contact Clients That Haven’t Visited You In A While

Contact clients who haven’t visited in a while and encourage them to schedule an appointment with you. You can send rebooking reminders to your regular clients 8-12 weeks after their meetings. The proactive reminder will be appreciated and demonstrate that you value their company.

You can run a marketing campaign for lost clients who haven’t been in five months or longer, providing a discount code or special offers to entice them back.


It is not easy to manage a salon, but having the above ideas and learning to implement them the right way can help. You can even try to offer membership programs, reward loyal consumers, and ensure the growth of your salon.

Doing these can and will increase your salon’s business potential. And being member-only will allow your consumers to verify their membership status on the booking page.

You could even have walk-ins slots to help broaden your business for those who are new. There are, however, various marketing automation strategies. However, the above-mentioned are the most effective and appropriate ways to make your position known.

You can position your salon business where people are looking with sensible and powerful marketing and salon software.