Regardless of what business you run, it’s necessary to have a well-outlined marketing strategy to help you stand out. If you’re wondering how to start, there’s no better time than the beginning of the year. To help you gear up, here are four strategies that you can easily implement.

Marketing Ideas To Amplify Your Business In 2022

There are three areas to pay attention to before you implement your strategy:

  • Décor and ambiance
  • Staff attitude and professionalism
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition or USP

The first two are crucial in reflecting your brand in the market. They’ll not only help you attract new clients but also retain existing clientele. Your USP is the crux of your marketing plan. It makes you stand out and help the public understand why they should choose you.

Having your USP at the central of all your advertising helps increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Now that we have addressed the basics, here are a few ideas on promoting your spa:

1.     Create And Run Customer Loyalty Programs

Treating each customer like they’re unique and valued is key to customer retention and loyalty. Loyalty is essential in the beauty and healthcare industry, and having customer retention is cheaper than gaining new clients. Here’s how to start a loyalty program for your salon:

Birthday Programs

All of us like feeling special on our birthdays. Ask your clients for their birthdays when they register on their first visit. Offer them a birthday treat on the day or in the coming week/month. You can give them a service on the house or a discount on their favorite service. It goes a long way in retaining customers.

Referral Programs

Who can market your services better than your existing customers? They already know the benefits and the experience delivered at the salon/spa. Introduce referral programs with incentives at your spa and tell your clients. Getting referrals will encourage a higher client turnover.

When offering incentives, offer them to both the referee and the new client. It could be anything – a free session, discounted products, a free item with their bill, or even an irresistible package deal.

Spa Loyalty Cards Or Memberships 

Offer your clients memberships when they shop for a certain amount or punch cards for every visit. Having memberships would give your clients access to exclusive discounts and offers. You can even give them higher discounts during holidays.

Having a loyalty card will motivate your customers to spend more time at the spa. You can also offer loyalty discounts or a free service after your client completes several appointments. Here’s how that works: give them a punchcard and punch/mark it at every visit, and once it reaches certain appointments, they become eligible for rewards or discounts.

2.     Offer Attractive Spa Service Bundles  

Selling service packages at discounted prices is a creative way to advertise your spa or salon. It’ll increase your customer retention, and the discount helps them get more value for their services. You can bundle services like a manicure, pedicure, and waxing or a body massage along with a facial. You can also release a line of retail products like essential oils, scented candles, skincare items, or your products.

3.     Sell And Promote Gift Cards And Certificates

Gift cards are excellent to attract customers. They’re also a great gift for occasions and holidays. They also don’t have to be expensive. Depending on your salon appointment software, it can help you create spa gift certificates from ready-to-use templates.

You can also print certificates on free online templates and sell them to consumers. You can create custom gift certificates for birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc. The customers can redeem those gifts at the time of the appointment.

4.     Use An Online Scheduler And Fuel Your Spa Bookings

People no longer only book through calls and emails – they are complex, involve a lot of follow-ups, and are inconvenient. The chances of getting double-booked and having wrong-bookings or no-shows are high. You can simplify the whole process of booking appointments by using salon management software and automating the scheduling process.

Having the right scheduling software is crucial to streamline the process. An automated salon software in India empowers clients and is more likely to show up to appointments. There are also lesser hassles, and you get to focus more on your business. It will help you reach your goals better with features acting as spa marketing tools.

  • You can share your booking link via multiple channels and get bookings from social media, search engines, emails, and more.
  • Having automated email and text reminders with online payment options can help reduce no-shows and casual bookings. Customers can cancel and reschedule with a simple drag and drop or just a click.
  • Have a mobile app to keep track of all your appointments. Automation is also beneficial in having effective resource and staff management.
  • Use reports and analytics features to track metrics to make well-informed decisions.


Hopefully, these tips were helpful and can help you plan your 2022 strategy better. Learn the latest industry trends and use them for your salon/spa. You can also learn new massage techniques or services and give them to customers. Good luck!