Effective Ways To Attract Clients To Salon Or Spa

The biggest challenge for the beauty services industry is gaining new clientele. Keeping the calendar consistently booked can be overwhelming. While you might already have a loyal customer base, clients slow down over time. You will only have customers as long as you keep up with trends.

According to a survey by Lockhart Meyer, most salons and beauty corporations lose between 10-25% of clients annually. This means that you could lose over half your clients in three years. Unfortunately, this seems to be the natural cycle of the industry.

Keep reading if you are looking for ways to expand your client base.

What Method Suits Best For You?

The struggle to find new clients is never-ending. You need to do your research before figuring out how to make your business successful. Going through the various 101 articles can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin. 

While there are thousands of tricks available, we have researched and brought you the top three. With the right salon management software, you don’t have to worry about putting in the extra effort of attracting clients as the software will be the main attraction, after the services.

The 3 Best Methods For Attracting New Clients To Your Salon

1.     Clean Up Your Online Profiles

The first step is to make sure your business is online. Having an online presence is vital to draw in a more diverse client base. Appearing online on all the right platforms can help in the expansion.

The aim is for your name to appear on search engines, so they find your business when looking for “Best salons in my area”. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps, illustrated below:

Google Yourself

  • Type your salon name with your city on Google
  • Open the various listings on new tabs
  • Ensure that the correct information is displayed on these pages, like your phone number, address, hours, and website info. You don’t want clients showing up at your old office or calling the wrong number.
  • Add photos of your salon to each profile

Get Listed On “Google My Business.”

  • Open Google Maps and look up your salon. If you have a listing, verify the information on it.
  • Additionally, check that there is an active booking link on Google Maps. If you find this very difficult, there is software to help you be the best.Beauty Salon links can help you stand out amongst your competition.
  • You can also get yourself listed if you’re not on Maps by clicking on this link and following the instructions on the screen:https://business.google.com.

Clean Up Your Social Media Profile:

Instagram is the bread and butter of beauty businesses. If you have multiple existing social media platforms, you’re overworking yourself. Allocating some effort to your social media can ensure you’re more practical and garner more clients.

You can use sharing software like Buffer and Hootsuite to share photos on multiple platforms simultaneously.

2. Invest In Your Image

Since your online profile is accurate, you can start attracting new clients. If you want to get more beauty clients, you have to invest in beauty. The trick here is to focus on the basics and not get swept up by marketing gimmicks.

The way your brand is perceived, aka the “image”, is everything and should be your primary focus. Posting about the gorgeous hairstyles and looks you work on will get you more attention. The only downside is that it is highly time-consuming. Follow these tips to get the best photos:

  • Get good selfies
  • Get good lighting
  • Use filters on your photos to improve quality
  • Pay attention to your beauty regime
  • Improve your existing skills.
  • Promote your Instagram

3. Influence Your Friends & Existing Clients

Since your profile is fantastic and your Instagram is flourishing, it is time to use your network to your benefit. Networking is very beneficial to lure more clients to your spa. Advertise better by sending them your google business link to review it.

It doesn’t matter if you have fantastic service if you have no customers to show for it. The best way to get more people is by leveraging your existing clientele. Here’s how:

  • Do a wall of fame or a selfie wall with your clients, friends, and family. These photos will add to the ambience of the salon and encourage movement.
  • Share your clients’ before and after photos to post on Instagram each week. Collect their images with consent, and schedule them as frequently as you can. Use a flattering caption for your client and tag them as well.
  • Get help from friends and family: Getting someone you already know to be your client is different from winning over someone new. So, use your friends and family as leverage when luring new clients.

That’s pretty much everything. Using the right salon pos software does not have to be difficult, nor does garnering new clients for your salon. All you have to remember is to focus on improving your image and honing your skills.