This year, the number of active internet users globally reached over 4.66 billion people. More businesses of all sizes are looking to capitalize on this vast market. Among the online marketing tools for salons, social media is buzzing with activity. Social media is a powerful asset for a salon & spa to get the word about their business out there. These social media platforms are usually free to use and easy to manage, offering numerous ways to engage people with branded content. Social Media Marketing for the salon business can help your brand build a trusted community of existing clients, and reach new people at the same time.

With so many options to choose from, which social media platform is best for your salon? What can you do to build a compelling social media presence for your salon and spa business? In this post, we’ve put together 4 of the best social media channels for salon and spa marketing, to promote your brand, services and products.

  • Facebook

Facebook has close to 3 billion daily active users, making it a primary source of market analytics and consumer engagement. For your salon, you can set up a business page like a website, by combining all your contact information, business operating hours, loyalty programs and messaging features. You can increase the number of likes on your page by hosting contests, giveaways and exclusive rewards for referrals. You can also make use of targeted ads to promote your business to more people on Facebook. Since visual content is likely to be shared 40 times more on social media, the scope for lead generation is high on Facebook. There is no limit to the types of engaging content you can deliver to your customers using a single Facebook business page.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another powerful lead generation tool for salon businesses to build a solid network within the industry. Beauty salons and spas can create and maintain a company page, join beauty groups, interact with a vast community of professionals and much more. LinkedIn ads are also powerful marketing tools, with highly targeted metrics to reach potential partners, product manufacturers, and customers. Studies show that 80% of B2B leads start with LinkedIn, making this social media platform a featured-packed marketing tool to build a strong business network and increase your salon business revenue.

  • Twitter

Twitter can help project your salon brand’s unique character across to a diverse group of consumers. You can use Twitter to share industry insights, salon updates, articles and creative posts relevant to your salon. Salon management becomes easy with Twitter, because most users prefer to communicate directly with a brand. In fact, 71% of Twitter users expect a brand to respond to their comments and join in on the conversation, which boosts a salon’s credibility among prospects and existing customers. Twitter is an ideal platform to foster your salon’s relationship with the market, and engage with people regularly, thereby increasing your salon’s popularity. Twitter has you’re your salon business build trust and reliance with clients, while opening up new opportunities to land new customers.

  • Instagram

Instagram is filled with user-generated content, making it a friendly place for lifestyle, beauty, personal care and salon related content. 60% of people report to have learned about products or services through Instagram. Since 68% of Instagram’s users are female, you can share visual content about your salon and spa services which is guaranteed to get more leads. You can use hashtags to engage with a niche topic and promote your salon brand effectively. Instagram is a place for your salon and spa to capitalize on beautiful designs, images, videos and stories about your salon’s everyday operations, or industry news. By engaging with more people in the market, you can get new ideas about how to run your salon business and make the most of your salon management software.

Social Media consolidated with an effective beauty parlour software can unlock wonders for your beauty business. The best aspect of a reliable salon management software used by leading brands, is the ability to market on various social media channels easily. Using PoSBook salon management software, you can make the most of the top best social media channels to promote your salon business. If you found this post useful, stay tuned for more ways that salon business owners and salon professionals can make the most of technology to promote their brand and generate a higher revenue.